SSD Ultra II read & write speed problem

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to get some help please regarding an SSD I’ve just bought and don’t seem to be getting anywhere close to the advertised speed it is supposed to be capable of, I haven’t gone through tech support yet as thought someone here might know the answer.

I bought the Ultra II 480GB capable of up to 550MB/s read and 500MB/s write, but having done some tests both 3rd party software and the SanDisk dashboard state my speed for read is around 346MB/s and write is around 236MB/s, not being anywhere close to the advertised speeds.

I’ve made sure the drivers are up to date through the dashboard, checked my motherboard and confirmed it has 2 SATA2 ports and 2 SATA3 ports, bought new SATA 6.0GB data cables and made sure they are plugged into the SATA3 ports by using the motherboard manual but I’m still only getting these slow speeds.

Any help anyone can offer would be great, thank you.

what is the MB make and model? Some MB have multiple SATA 6GB ports on different controllers. Intel SATA chipsets tend to perform the best. i have a MB that has both Intel and AS Media SATA 3 chipsets and I see about the same performance you are seeing if I connect an SSD to the SATA 3 ports that use the AS Media controller. 

Thank you for the reply drlucky this fixed it, I had it plugged into a SATA3 Marvell port and when I moved it into a SATA3 Intel port the SSD started working at it’s proper speed, I had thought one SATA3 port would be as good as the next.

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