240GB sata 3 drive write speeds 50% slower than read

Hi guys,

Built myself a brand new system with new sandisk extreme 240gb sata 3 SSD.

Now because my whole system is new I am unsure if it is the drivers, firmware, controller on the mobo or maybe SSD is performing as it should be.

I used Intel sata 3 controller on maximus v gene mobo to connect the drive. set to AHCI in bios.

didn’t do much testing yet but read speeds were above 400MB (great) and write speeds were 220MB.

Drive is advertised ar read and write around 500MB.

Drive had 80GB filled when tested. I want to know is this normal or should I investigate further (firmware drivers etc.)

Thank you for any help you can provide,


How are you testing those speeds? What benchmarking tool are you using?

Run a benchmark with ATTO and you will get the results listed in the specifications. (well, you should)

The Sandisk Extreme can have write speeds upt o 500MB/sec but that is only possible on perfect compressable data - therefore if you use a benchmark that just writes zeros you will reach that speed.

In reality the write speed will never reach 500MB/sec and that statement relates to any drive that uses a Sandforce controller.

Conclusion: never believe a value from an advertisment - only trust information from independent tests.