Sandisk Ultra 2 Low speed

Hi i bought today a sandisk ultra 2 and i realized that my speed are slower than my 2 years old kingston ssd now.My speed is write 348 read 282.I am using a 6 gb/s sata cable on a 6 gbs sata port.What can i do.

System specs

Mobo Z97 deluxe asus

Cpu 4770k

Ram 32 gb kingston

Gpu Gigabyte 980 G1

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I have exactly the same problem as you. Here in the forum are several other people who also have the same issue. I even contacted SanDisk about this, requesting a firmware update as their SanDisk Extreme SSD seems to have had the same issue in the past till they came up with a firmware update for it.

You can see this problem appearing in their firmware release notes:

  • Improved compatibility with certain systems where SATA link sometimes negotiated to SATA 2 vs SATA 3.


I personally have the SanDisk Ultra II and a Samsung 850 Pro. My Samsung SSD doesn’t have this problem. However every time i restart my computer my SanDisk Ultra II changes from Sata 3 to Sata 2 mode lowering my write and read performance by half.

I already contacted SanDisks support via E-Mail but i don’t think they are going to help me as their answers seem automated.

I would really appreciate if someone from their techsupport could dig deeper into this problem and tell us what’s going on, otherwise i think we have to return our SSD’s to get our cash back.

I have had the opposite problem… I had a Samsung 840 (not EVO, Not Pro) and it slowed down over time… It was as if trim wasn’t working…   I did get it to speed up for a whle by copying everything off, erasing everything, and copying it all back…THEN it workes fast (I’m talkiing about the Samsung 840)…  But over time it started slowing down again… I contacted Samsung and they say it doesn’t do that…  but my tests say it does… This Samsung SSD is now relagated to exterenal USB Drive Use…

That’s why I jumped ship and went with SanDisk Ultra II… I have 4 of them now…  a 960 in Laptop, 2x480’s in a Raid 0 array, and a 240 being used as a database cache drive.    SO FAR, all is fine!!! :smiley: