SanDisk Ultra II slow performance

Just purchased this SSD and I am getting poor write speeds and not that great read. I have an ASRock 970 Pro3 MB. using MS SATA drivers. _ _I have run ATTO, AS SSD and Crystalmark benchmarks all producing very simalar results. This is form Crystal

                        Read                                Write

Seq                466.7                                     87.53

512k                302.8                                   80.58

4k                  26.16                                  7.002

4k                   198.0                                   8.857


Any suggestions?

how did you install the OS? fresh install or did you clone? Is the SSD aligned to 4K? I see your MB has 6 SATA 3 ports. Do you know if they are all on the same controller or does the MB have multiple SATA controllers? If it has more than one SATA controller try a port on a different SATA controller to see if the performance is better. 

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