Very Low Performance on Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB SSD

I just installed a 256 GB Ultra+ SSD on my Samsung NC110 Netbook with Intel NM10 chipset, all tweaking enabled (TRIM, AHCI, etc.) and SATA 3 mode working as expected.

The SSD is quite slow: with the AS SSD benchmark tool I get 243MB/s in read and 214MB/s in write, while I was expecting something like 400MB/s.

Anyone had similar low values with the same NM10 Intel chipset?

can you use ATTO to benchmark the drive and post the results?

here are the benchmarks, thank you

I suspect that the controller is running in Sata II mode, even if CrystalDiskInfo reports Sata/600

You are definitely in SATA 3Gb speed. Crystal disk only reports what SATA generation the SSD is not your negotiated SATA link speed. What MB do you have? Are you sure your MB supports SATA 6Gb? 

looks like your computer is only SATA 3Gb. the speed you are seeing is normal. 

Correct: looks like the Intel NM10 Chipset of Samsung NC110 supports SATA 2. The information from CrystalDiskInfo were misleading.

thanks for your assistance


Hi there ,

trim is supporting in Ubuntu OS ?

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