SSD Plus 480GB - Error 2100 - not being recognized by laptop and desktop

Hi fellas,

Need advice and help here. Been using the above ssd for my laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad E460, for the past 5 months and pretty happy with it. Few days ago when I turned on the laptop, it won’t boot to Windows. Instead it gave blank screen with “Error 2100: Detection error on HDD0”. Tried to run a test via Lenovo Diagnostics, it didn’t read the ssd at all, so there was no option for Storage Test. I originally thought it was the laptop that was the culprit as I never had any issue with Sandisk product for so many years. So I unplugged the ssd and installed another hdd to the laptop with OS. Laptop runs perfectly fine and boot like normal.

So it was not the laptop, it’s the ssd! :frowning:

I tried to connect the ssd with my desktop pc via 2.5" SATA 3 to USB 3.0 cable. Windows didn’t recognize anything, even via Disk Management, Device Manager, Explorer, nothing. I tried any possible way that I could think of, still nothing.

Then I tried to connect the ssd via the cable to the lenovo laptop that runs with other hdd. Still not reading the ssd.

I’m confident the cable is not faulty as I have been using it to connect my other hdd/ssd as well.

Btw, after I installed the other hdd to the laptop and tried the Lenovo Diagnostics, it showed the option for Storage Test which was done and all PASSED. Laptop runs Windows 10, desktop runs Windows 7.

Any advice or suggestions, please? Is it bad/faulty drive?

Is it bad/faulty drive?

looks like that is the case. contact sandisk support for warranty replacement.