2100 Error, new drive gone?

I have a one week old Ultra ll 480gb in a Thinkpad x230 and it was fine until today when the laptop froze while browsing and now on a reboot I only get the 2100 HDD detection error and boot menu which does nothing.  I’ve tried everythingI could find to solve it but no luck. Several spinning drives work in the machine, so it seems to be the ssd. The drive now does not show up in an external enclosure that it did appear in before. It seems to just be a useless liece of plastic now. Any last suggestions? The laptop and ssd have the latest firmwares. I bought the drive in the UK where I will be untill Jan 20, so am praying it can be dealt with before I have to leave.  Thanks.

Sandisk, help me out?

sounds like a bad drive. Contact either the place of purchase and return it for a replacement or contact sandisk support and request an RMA.