ssd optimization Windows 7

Windows 7, all updates, Sandisk SSD Plus, 240GB.Partition Assistant tells me my unallocated space is 4%. I’ve seen a Samsung guide that says it should be about 10%. Should I change it? I know about ahci, alignment, and Trim. What else do I need to know or do, to fully optmize. Is there a recommended optimaization guide for this. I’ve googled and found stuff, some of it conflicting.

Thanks in advance.

4% should be fine depending on what you are using the computer for. The more space you leave unpartitoned (over provisioned) the more spare blocks the SSD will have to use but if the computer is just being used as a normal work station 4% is probably plenty. 

You may want to turn off disk defrag but other than that I have never really seen much of a performance boost from using any of the other various tweeks. Win 7 is pretty solid for SSD after install with no real tweeks needed. 

Thanks…anyone else?

I’m looking for info about Win 10 SSD optimize.

I have 2-desktops, both being Win 7 are now Win 10.

My Core 2 Duo is a 240-gb Sandisk PLUS.

My Quad Core is a 120-gb SanDisk Extreme.

I’ve turned-Off the Optimize app, until I can find a reliable KB or whatever.

There is none, for Win 10.

They say, Win 8.1.

(@ MS)

And some of the words are misspelled.

(which is usually an indication of baloney)

As far as experiance is a teacher–don’t mess with your SSD.

I need to search more SanDisk applications.

I think there is a dashboard for SSD.

I’d say, No, don’t optimize.

Thanks…it works….!!!

Same here…um also getting confused….!!!