Page size and erase block size

Hey guys,

I’ld like to know which are the page size and erase block size parameters for SSD SanDisk Plus 480GiB.

Where can I find these values? 

Thank you!

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Although some people say that modern SSD drives do not require any special kind of configuration to maximize their performance/lifespan, it is easy to find discussions about this subject in big internet tech forums (anandtech, stackoverflow). Furthermore, almost every linux distributions has a special “recipe” about how to configure the system and get the best from solid state disks drives.

Proper partition alignment to physical pages is an usual concern. Even when emulation of 512-byte sector is available,
misaligned partition layout implies in overhead over SSD controller. A second concern about partition alignment relates to “write intensification”, since two or more physical blocks might be marked to cleanup due to poor data placement (a immediate result of bad partition alignment).

Wear leveling algorithms reduces the write amplification issue through `flash translation layer’ mechanisms mapping LBA addresses to physical pages on flash media by spreading writes “evenly” over flash memory. Such translation layer does not know how the media is logically structured and partition misalignment could not be overcome by translation mechanisms.

I recently installed a 120GB SSD Plus and did all the same research, and decided to use fdisk default, and enable discard option on mount instead of periodic fstrim. The drive is working very well, and for the price I paid, with a 3 yr warranty, I feel pretty good about it. Is the setup ‘optimal’ based on page/erase block size? I really couldn’t say, but I think it’s safe to assume that the ssd was designed to be used optimally on Win10, so maybe you should look at what happens when your device is partitioned on that OS, and emulate that on linux? Good luck.

I’ll second ths request: ERASE BLOCK and NAND PAGE SIZES for SANDISK SSD PLUS 240.

I don’t want to be rude but I hardly feel that “TRADE SECRETS” is a reasonable response.  After all, any decent sized company with a motivated staff and easily obtained equipment could find this info out in the blink of an eye.   Seems to me that the only people that you are successfully with holding the information from are your “soon to be some other company’s customers”.  How aout it?  Is it really too much to ask?  If so then please understand that if I can’t obtain an accurate response to my querty then my next SSD will NOT be a SANDISK (Think about those USB flash drives and SD cards as well). Thank you for your assistance inthis matter.  Best regards,  Solar

I won’t be purchasing any more Sandisk products.  You folks at Sandisk need to realize that the customer requires certain levels of information with regard to the products that you sell in order to make to device function as expected.  And since its just too much for you to offer that infiormation I’ll just have to take my business elsewhere.  Anyone else?

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I took this ssd plus out of storage for a project not requiring high reliability.  I do want these answers.  I no longer believe I shall find them from the ‘manufacturer’

you’re not out of line.  Sandisk policy is close to “thanks for your money, fu”

And yes, I no longer purchase Sandisk magical thinking controller use.  I now exclusively purchase the pro line of ssd from Samsung, and then only ‘sold by ships from amazon’.