whats the correct aligment? (sandisk extreme 240gb)

every review seems to show a 1024k aligment in as ssd, like here http://img.hexus.net/v2/SSD/SanDisk/Extreme240/AS-SSDb.png

However my drive is set to 234496 in windows 7.  This is from a fresh install, ahci enabled and intel rst 10.8 installed.  Also using firmware R201.  All other drives were unplugged when I installed. cpu c3/c6 disabled in bios.


p8z68-v pro gen 3

i7 2600k

8gb ddr3

corsair ax850psu

Dis you clone the drive then use a partition tool to set the alingment?

as long as AS SSD shows that number in green you alignment is good to go. Basically any number can be displayed there as long as it is evenly divisable by 4 you are good to go. 

no clone, fresh install of windows 7.  It is green like you said.  I was just surprised that I seem to be the only one with that aligment.  I guess its nothing to worry about thanks anyways

The benchmark results look perfect. I assume that the 4K write result will decreases over the time. Mine is currently at ~50MB/sec after about 480 GB written.

If ou have created the partition in the process of installing Windows 7 then the alignment is automatically correct.