Windows 7 tweaks with new 480GB SSD

Lenovo T510, i7 chip M620 @2.67 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7/64 bit, old drive was 7200 RPM Hitachi

What tweaks do we need to make to windows 7 for optimal SSD life and usage?  I read in Amazon reviews to disable defrag and done.  I thought I saw something soemwhere about changing page file and temp file specs but can’t find the info again.  Anyone have some help?

A couple of small “tweeks” I did.

  1. Turned off Indexing on the SSD

  2. Deleted the Hybrid Sleep file (and turned it off entirely) from an elevated Command Prompt

  3. Confirmed TRIM was on from the Command Prompt

That’s about it though. If you really wanted to and have another drive, you could move the user data, temp files, temp internet files and such. But really, unless you’re writing gahds of data a day, there’s no real need to.

I will admit, I did also shrink the Page file down to 256MB… but left it on the OS drive.