SSDX120G25 Wildly different 'amount used' reporting.

Had this drive for about a year. It just has Windows 7 and Office plus a few other things. Last week it suddenly reported disk full, which it can’t be.

I deleted about 10G of stuff and it reported only 10GB left. By it’s own calaculations, that was correct, but not by mine!

Without me deleting anything else, next day it reported 25GB left, they day after that is reported 33 GB left, and yesterday it reported 57GB left, which finally sounded about right.

Today it’s back to ‘disk full’, but has now gone back to around 3GB left.

Is it about to die? Should I be urgently seeking a replacement?

( It has the most recent firmware update)

I have seen some pretty weird issues but have never heard of anything like this. The SSD really should not be able to cause any of the symptoms you are describing. That said we can check the SMART attributes to check the health of the SSD. Download the SSD tool kit and run the SMART check and post the results. 

Do you ahve virus and malware protection? What is it and what virus definition file are you using?


I have to say that I’m as puzzled as you! I already have the SSD Toolkit, and it passes everything. I don’t really thnk it is the disk, but as you can imagine it’s very worrying and I can’t think what else it could be.

I have the latest version of Bitdefender IS and latest updates. Win 7 is fully patched. I’ve had BD for around a year too, so I don’t know why it should suddenly happen.

At the moment it says I have only 3GB left, wich is disconcerting, to say te least.

One thing I did wonder is if it’s making the ‘hard links’ I think they’re called that you can do since Win Vista? and counting stuff on other drives as if it’s on the SSD, but I don’t know how to find out if that’s the case.

no the ssd would not show used capacity for data stored on another device. 

you can use a program like disk space fan to see exactly where all the data is located on your drive. This should show you what is taking up all the capacity. 

YAY, I have my space back!

It wasn’t the SSD. Humble apologies for ever doubting Sandisk!

I used a 3rd party visualisation program, which showed that I had 58GB of .sst files. I Googled this, and found, ironically, that the problem is with Google Earth.

It is ignoring data cache limits and just filling up the drive. So I uninstalled Google Earth, and then went to the problem folder (which doesn’t get uninstaled) and deleted that as well, and got all my space back.

Apparently it’s the latest version which causes the problem. The folder to delete, in case anyone else has this problem, is


Thanks again for taking the time. I’m a happy bunny now!