trim and Windows 7

Just installed an SSD Plus 240GB , and downloaded and ran SSD Dashboard. System is Windows 7 Pro, 32 bits. In the dashboard, I checked the Enable Windows Trim option. Nowhere does it say run Windows trim. Does that mean it will run automatically, meaning it’s something I don’t need to pay attention to? In the video tutorial there is a mention that trim should be run once a week. Kindly clarify.Thanks in advance.

In Windows 7 the OS takes care of sending TRIM. If you have it set to enable TRIM you are good to go. 

thought so. Just double checking. Many thanks.:smiley:


Is there a log report saying when the OS TRIMed my SanDisk SSD on Windows 7??? i.e. Event Viewer etc.

Just wanted to know whether my SSD has been TRIMed.

Also I don’t see anything related to TRIM or SanDisk in the Task Scheduler.