TRIM Problems

  1. my ssd have TRIM problems or it’s SSD dashboard, it doesn’t run automatically as scheduled… (at least not updating itself, maybe it does TRIM, i do not know) , finally after i manually (2 times) run TRIM it changed last run status, but it doesn’t do it weekly as i shecheduled…  

  2. also when i manually do TRIM it takes 2 seconds and then finishes immediately. it that how it supposed to be? 2 seconds?

Yes TRIm runs very quickly. That said do you have Windows 7 or higher? If so there is not really any need to manually run TRIM. Just let the OS take care of it. 

I have Windows 8.1 Pro, what you mean by os? it’s ssd dashboard that runs TRIM right? not the OS itself. and if dashboard doesn’t run (as i mentioned previous comment)  TRIM automatically why i shouldn’t do it manually?!  

Win 8.1 send TRIM commands itself. No need to do manual TRIM. TRIM is included in all modern operating systems. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS 10.6 and higher natively support TRIM.

Your sata mode has to be AHCI in order for TRIM to make it to the drive. If you BIOS setting is IDE TRIM commands will never make it from the OS or if it is sent manually. If your sata mode is IDE you will need to go into the BIOS and change the sata mode to AHCI and reinstall the operating system.

Since the OS is sending TRIM there is no need to manually sending it. The drive has already been TRIMed so sending the command again additionally does not really accomplish anything.  

With the Extreme Pro and other quality SSDs using premium Marvell controllers, TRIM is not super important because this SSD is so good at maintaining itself. The short time it takes to manually run TRIM (and the reason it is not running automatically) is most likely the outcome of the extremely efficient controller that is maintaing the SSD both ‘on-the-fly’ and during periods of extended idling, and hence there is no need for further action.

With some older Macs, users do not have the option of enabling TRIM on their machines when doing a SSD upgrade. Still, the speeds of the Extreme Pro and other SSDs using Marvell controllers do NOT slow over time, and the controller keeps the SSD running at optimal speeds, while also maximizing endurance. Other than for use of upgrading the firmware, IMHO SSD Dashboard is not needed at all for the Extreme Pro.