SSD Dashboard 1.4 possible problem on TRIM


I installed the SSD Dashboard 1.4on a Extreme II 120GB in my DELL Latitude E5430 with the latest firmaware but as you see in the image I cannot see all the function in the TRIM section as proposed in the SSD Dashboard manual.

Is there any problem with TRIM on my ssd?

I checked with the command on Windows 7 and the TRIM is enabled.

I also used the TRIMCHECK free utility and it says that the TRIM is working.

However why I cannot get the rest of the TRIM functions (run TRIM manually, TRIM scheduling) in the Dashboard??

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


i think that the manual trim option was removed even in the previous version of the ssd dashboard so you cannot shedule trim feature with the ssd anymore. but in that case where you can see that the trim is already enabled you dont have to worry because its working in the background automatically.

so enjoy your SSD and the maximum speed with it :smiley:

After research on fixing trim errors what i found is whenver the trim is unresponsive or not showng quality reslts as you mention in your post. The very esay ways to fix it are:

  • Your SSD needs optimization.
  • The fiemware driver is out of date
  • BIOS driver needs update.
  • If all above criterias are OK in your system then i suggest you to please at once go through the Dell Latitude E5430 Manual to find out the root of this issue.