TRIM on Windows 7


Is there a log report saying when the OS TRIMed my SanDisk SSD on Windows 7??? i.e. Event Viewer etc.

Just wanted to know whether my SSD has been TRIMed.

Also I don’t see anything related to TRIM or SanDisk in the Task Scheduler.



in that case if you have installed the SSD on the AHCI mode in the bios then the trim function is automatically enabled and will work in the background of the OS so you will no notice it. 

furthermore since the ssd dashboard does not provide an option to manually enable the trim function you can also use a 3d party software to enable and monitor it. 


TRIM is an Operating System feature. Windows 7 and above comes with TRIM enabled natively. You can still manually enable TRIM using third party software or using the command line.

Open Elevated Command Prompt:

Type fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0

To confirm if TRIM is already enabled, use the following command:

fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify

Results explained below:
DisableDeleteNotify = 1 (Windows TRIM commands are disabled)
DisableDeleteNotify = 0 (Windows TRIM commands are enabled)

SanDisk SSDs I believe does come with Garbage Collection as well which also works almost the same way. 

I hope that helps.