Sport Plus freezes at volume level question after loop restart

Hi all, 

Sorry for my english in advance, I’ll try to explain my problem as accurate as possible.

From begginng, I don’t add/delete media often on my player, just have a playlist and play that every time I go out jogging. Today I’ve added like 10 more songs to the list and went out , having it ‘refresh the media’ and then froze when I played first song. I restarted it by holding the on/off button and then got to another song, and hit the volume up, got the question about high volume, clicked ok, then clicked a couple of times more. I then saw it got stucked at max volume and on that screen, the song played to the end, but I cannot do anything else. After that I could only restart it, having it say ‘Refreshing Media’, then showing the warning and get stuck on the question screen, not being able to click yes or no. 

When I got home, when plugin it into computer it stated ‘FW Upgrading’ … ’ do not disconnect’ and stayed like that. With more refreshed and open in ‘debug’ mode (or whatever it’s called, the one with the white screen) , managed to view it as a usb drive and deleted the newly added songs, and also added Firmware 2.18 upgrade.hex file. After restarting got a different  upgrade screen, but that froze at the end too (stayed like 15 mins).

Restarted it and now I cannot do anything with it, if I restart it I get into ‘Refreshing Media’ then get stuck on "do you want to keep current volume level ? yes - no " screen and opening in debug mode (as I call it) makes it unknown devide in windows 10. 

Connecting it to a power source only, a charger, shows the weird ‘FW Upgrading … Don’t Disconnect’ screen.

Any suggertion is welcomed. Thanks

managed to get into transfer mode, deleted all music and upgrade it first with 2.0x firmware then 2.18. At 2.0x I noticed that once started the volume going up to 100% so it seemed the volume button was stuck or something. Give it some good punches , then upgrading and after the last update the setup menu showed and all worked ok from there. I think it’s even a bit louder now than it used to be. 

Maybe this will help someone . Great day!

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