Sport Clip Plus stuck cannot delete or play files

My Sport Clip plus appears to be stuck. Whenever I start it it says “refreshing media” then goes to the folder header regardless of where it was when I shut it down. I have tried resetting the device, no change. I have tried formatting using the devices format option. It does nothing. When I access the device from my PC and delete all the files when I restart the device the files reappear. I have looked through the manuals and done some looking online but so far no help. I am hesitant to format the player using my PC as I don’t want to wipe the operating system just clear the files and get it back to out of the box condition. Any help or ideas? I’m happy to try to provide further info if needed.

Hi @BMBurns,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Have you opened a Support Case? If not please click here and open a new support case to assist in the best possible way.