Can't delete files

I loaded multiple MP3 files into Sandisk to where the number has grown to 247. I listen to them and then “delete” the ones I don’t want.  This last iteration since connecting to my laptop, I listened to 46 MP3s deleting them as I go. Sandisk status line on the device shows number of files supposedly on the Sandisk in the music folder going down to 201. I connected the Sandisk to my laptop and Sandisk Music folder indicates there are still 247 files in the Music folder. So none of the files were actually physically deleted from the sandisk music folder. Everytime I load new files the number just continues to grow. Is there some setting that says “don’t really delete” when using the delete interface on the device. Everytime I connect the device to my laptop to load new mp3s this has happened. The deletes have not actually happened. 

Are you using a Mac computer?  Connect your Clip Sport Plus and empty your Trash.

If you are using a Win PC, then try to repair the CSPlus directory using Disk -> Properties -> Tools -> Error Checking -> Check.

Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I am using a non-Mac PC. I will give it a try.