Frozen on volume screen

My Clip Sport was working just fine until today. I was listening to it and it just stopped playing. I looked at the screen and it had the volume screen on (the one that appears when you adjust the volume). I could not get out of that screen. Held down the power button to reset and then restarted the player but it boots right back to the volume screen. I have reset it several times now and have held the button down for as long as a minute, still boots to the volume screen. Anything else I can try?

try reloading the FW. if that does not fix it contact sandisk support

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How do I do that? I have an older version than the one currently available. I believe it’s 1.09 the newest one is 1.17 I think and has all kinds of issues. Is there a download of 1.09 some where?

1.17 is the only FW available. . 

OK, so I updated the FW and now the I can use the player again.

Now I have a new problem. Every time I shut off and turn it back on or disconnect from the computer I get the set up screen and I have to reset my language, region and some of my settings. I tried resetting the player by holding the power button for 30+ seconds but it still does it.

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Seems to have cleared its self up and is working fine now with 1.17.

Doesn’t it make you wonder what gremlins live in these little devices?

I updated my SanDisk Clip Sport to the latest firmware (1.17) before the first use. The third time that I started running with this player, it stopped playing after half an hour. Back home I saw the frozen volume screen with volume set to zero, so maybe it didn’t stop playing but spontaneously set the volume to 0. I tried a hard reset a couple of times. At first it kept hanging after the power up on the “refreshing media” message. Then I tried another reset and it came back on with the frozen volume screen (volume set to 0). I repeated the reset several times and every time the frozen volume screen appeared. Then I connected the device to a USB loader. I left it on the loader overnight. To my big surprise the screen showed the normal menu, in the morning, even though the frozen volume screen was on the night before. I decided to return it, because I only have problems with it (see the posts on Card error). Besides, I am very frustrated by the so called firmware upgrade that is in effect a downgrade in functionality.

I have now had this happen to me twice with the latest firmware.  Both times I was working out and it got a little sweaty, so I’m guessing that has something to do with it.  For me, this is what happens:

  1. All of a sudden the player continuously volumes down.  I have to hold the volume up button to keep it at the same volume.

  2. At some point it will stop doing this, but the screen will stay on the volume screen, even if I let go.  Music continues to play, but it just sits on the volume screen.

  3. At this point none of the buttons are functional. I can’t pause, change the song or power down.

  4. The first time, I was able to reboot it a couple times but after rebooting it would do the same thing.  The second time, I couldn’t even reboot, just had to leave it until the battery died.

  5. The next morning, it will operate as normal, ostensibly because it’s dried.

The only reason I bought this device is because I was tired of my smartphone becoming difficult to operate at the gym when my hands got sweaty and couldn’t use the touch screen well.  I longed for a simple plastic device with classic buttons like this that wouldn’t have this problem, I figured since it’s called “sport” it would be designed for such activity.  Instead, this thing is even worse than my smart phone.  My touch screen is hard to use when sweaty but at least it is functional; this device gets a little sweat on it and becomes unusable.  Really frustrating.

Funny that you say this because I had several “sports” MP3 players of different brands that died on me within the first month or so. The only thing that I could think of is humidity because I also tend to sweat a lot while running. From now on I will clip the device somewhere where it is relatively dry.

How do you update FW im stuck on the volume screen and i dont know what to do I just got this today

To turn off a frozen Clip Sport, try pressing down on the On/Off/Select button for 20 secs and then let go. 

I use the same method if my Clip Sport will not turn on with the standard 3 sec button press. 

And maybe make sure your device  is working OK before you attempt a firmware update.  The most recent updates attempted to fix problems for Audible users, but no new big features since Jan 2016. 

Had this happen to me recently and it was definitely moisture, the player had gotten wet in the rain and after drying it with a hairdryer for a few minutes, the problem went away. Probably best to leave it in a warm place over night…