speaker and docking station for sansa fuze

Purchased an Altec Lansing iM413 for my Sansa Fuze 8MB.  Info for purchasing said Made for Sansa. Well it doesn’t work.  The songs will play for a number os seconds and then skip back to the beginning or skip to a different song.  Any fixes or any other similar product that will work.  I really liked the sound of this unit as well as the quality and look.  I’m really disappointed about the incompatability and wanted to keep the unit.  I’ve seached long and hard and can’t seem to find anything on the market to fill the bill.

Check your installed firmware version.  Settings > System Settings > Info.  Be sure to have the latest version installed.

I use the iM413 with the e200 and Fuze interchangeably.  The only issue I have encountered with the Fuze is its thinner form factor, so I have a special rear adaptor (new foam block on the C200 adaptor frame).

Let us know your current firmware version, and we can go from there…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: