Sound Quality?

I notice that some of my Mp3’s don’t sound very good on my new 8gb Fuze.  There is kind of a fluttering to the extreme high end and a bit of general distortion.  Almost sound like a worn out tape.   I initially thought it was just the mp3’s quality, but I decided to compare the sound I get on my computer and my old Mp3 player.  I was shocked to find that they sound perfectly fine on either, no sign of the problem at all,  but on my new Fuze they sound pretty bad.  I also notice that some of my mp3’s make a light clicking sound as I increase or lower the volume on the Fuze…again no problem on my other equipment. 

Not all of my mp3’s have this problem.  I’d say about 35% of them do, and I’m pretty sure I used the same software to make the majority of them.  I can’t seem to find any kind of pattern to which ones suffer the problem and which ones don’t.  They’re all 128kps mp3 format.  I used LAME to make them.  Anybody else have this problem?  I think I have the latest Firmware.  It reports it’s got version 01.01.11A on it.  I hope I can figure out what the problem is because I really like this thing… Any advise would be appreciated.  Thanks  

My wife just picked up the Fuze 4GB and I have not heard a issue with it. we used MP 11 I have both 128 and 265 compression *256 with my stuff* But I can’t hear a difference between the to compressions and I’m very fussy with audio sound and have a good ear… I listen for sound quality first and if it not perfect I can’t enjoy my music… Sound is fantastic on her unit! so much so I  I just ordered the *8 GB Fuze for myself and I’ll let you know if that unit has the same issues as yours when it arrives, a week or so! If I forget please remind me here in this post! George

I’ve had mine for five months and have over 2,000 songs on it, no issues. If the songs don’t sound that way on anything else, you may have a bad Fuze. You might also try re-encoding them (e.g. to Windows Media) and see if they still have the same problem.

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I think it might be the headphone jack.  I decided to try the included earbuds and notice that it is a lot better with them.  I’ve been using my high-end headphones and they seem to have a problem with it.  If I move the jack out slightly it gets better.  I’ve also notice the same problem with my car stereo adapter.  I should have realized it right away, especially in light of some other posts I’ve seen with the same issue.  I guess I could find some way to make the jack fit better, that would help somewhat.  Still, the sound quality is not as good as I’d hoped, especially with critical listening.  The flutteryness is still noticable, especially with strings, and the overall sound quality is definately not anywhere near as good as my 4 year old (nameless) mp3 player. 

Oh well… 

I just want to say that I can be really critical sometimes and don’t mean to offend any Fuze Fans.  It’s sound quality is really up-there with some of the best at present.  I just didn’t realize how good my old mp3 player actually sounds.  If it had more features I guess I wouldn’t be looking to replace it.  Anyway, the Fuze is a nice little player and I’ll probably be keeping it. Hope to learn more about it on here.  Thanks 

How long have you had it ? Maybe you can return it for another and I bet you’ll find it to sound great! My wife’s Fuze sounds fantastic! George

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Fzone, have you played the same files on both your old mp3 player and the Fuze? And how are they encoded?  What format, what bitrate?

just to be sure, you’re not turning the fuze up all the way and overloading your high-end headphones or car adapter are you?  it should be hard to get distortion with headphones, but with a car adapter you can easily get distortion by turning up the fuze too much and not turning up your car stereo enough.   good luck.

Also try setting the EQ to NORMAL!  George