garble during mp3 playback

Just got a refurbished 4gb fuze and files are playing with a garbled distortion in the background.  The music plays, but in the background I can hear a lot of garbled noise.  It has done it every the time with every file I have tried to play so far.

I havent done anything to the EQ and I tried pushing the headphones in HARD, but the problem persists.  I also tried updating the firmware, resetting the factory settings, and formating the internal memory.  No dice.

Anyone else have this problem or do I have a bad fuze?

Message Edited by nojkouq on 04-08-2009 04:32 PM

It could be a bad unit but there are other possible causes as well.  First, just for the heck of it, try different headphones. 

Look at one of the mp3s with Windows Explorer, right-click on Properties/Summary/Advanced. What is the bitrate? If it is a low bitrate it may be giving the Sansa trouble.

Do the files play properly on your computer or other devices? 

How were the mp3s made? There are a lot of different encoders around and maybe the Sansa doesn’t like the one that was used. 

Can you try ripping one of your own CDs with Windows Media Player? Right-click on the very top line of WMP if you don’t see a Tools choice, and then go to Tools/Options/Rip Music and have it rip to mp3 (under format) and somewhere near Best Quality (like 192 kbps). Rip a song with that, so you know it’s good quality, and see if that plays. If not, then it’s definitely a bad Fuze.