Sorting podcast titles

I have podcasts titled in the form xxx #101, xxx #102, xxx #103, etc. My Clip doesn’t seem to sort them in any particular order. Podcasts titled without the pound sign, xxx 101, xxx 102, xxx 103, are listed in reverse order. Is there any way to set rules for these?

Titled where:  the ID3 tags?  The Clip uses ID3 tags for organization, not filenames.

But, an exception for podcasts and audiobooks:  if in the folders by those names, or with tags in the vID3 genre field of Audiocast or Podcast, the Clip will organize and display using the file/folder names in the absence of ID3 tags.

I’m referring to the ID3 tags.

try to set the track numbers in the track number field instead of the titles field.

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Also make sure you’re using ID3V2.3 tags.