Podcasts don't show alphabetically??

I have 30-40 mp3 spoken word files that aren’t really podcasts but I put them all in the Podcasts folder because it helps keep things organized. But for whatever reason when I go to Podcasts on my clip the files don’t show alphabetically – they don’t seem to be organized in any way whatsoever.  Anyone know any way I can get these to display in alphabetical order?  Thanks.

Edit the ID3 tags.

Thanks for the suggestion. The titles and filenames are already identical, and all the files have been processed with MP3Tag. When you wrote “Edit the ID3 tags,” which field should I edit in order for the files to show alphabetically? 

In a music folder, precedence is given to track#. Since I don’t use the podcast folder I can’t be sure same rule applies, but with mp3tag it’s a one step process to number all the tracks in sequence using a user defined starting number.