Songs won't play, and files don't exist


I got a Sansa Fuze 4GB player in December, and had absolutely no problems with it until about a month ago. Some of my songs disappeared out of the music folder, some songs worked, others would somehow wind up in different folders that I didn’t initially place them. After this happened, I reformatted the player a couple times, added a few new songs, and it played fine for about a week. Then it stopped playing all of the songs on it, and would only skip through the tracks.

I have had the USB mode in Auto Detect this whole time, and I assume that it would automatically choose MTP. Whenever I press pause/play as it’s skipping through songs, the player freezes.  I’ve tried updating the firmware, it did nothing. When I opened the player folder in MTP mode, and opened the media folder, all the folders in it were duplicated [two ‘music’, two ‘albums’, ect…], but only the folders, not the contents inside them. I deleted ALL of these while in MTP mode and have since not shown up. In the data folder, the two files were duplicated, and I only deleted the extra pair.

With deleting all of the folders, I deleted all of the mp3 tracks, but the player still thinks that the files are there. When I checked the player in MSC mode, the folders were empty.

The radio does work, it is the only functioning audio on this player right now. The file formats on my music files are fine, and I have not ever gotten a pink bubble telling me that the files are corrupted. I have been browsing the forums here and I have not been able to find a simular problem like this. I am completely at a loss.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks. : )

Try formatting the player from the settings menu.  This will wipe away any old files/directories that may be corrupted.

Lol, to think it was something so simple! :smiley: Thanks a lot, man. Much appreciated.

NP, glad it was that easy.

This also helped me! The new songs would not play and some of the original ones were 0 seconds and would cause my Fuse to freeze. I hope this keeps working (it’s only my first day). This is great advice!!!