Need Help Badly

My 8GB silver sanza fuse has recently had some problems. It froze about 1.5 weeks ago so I reset it, thats when the problems started. They include the following.

  1. I put new music on it, and when I disconnect from my computer and check my music list, duplicates of EVERY single song appear.

2)After putting an album on, the Fuse decides to skip past every other song, just playing those from the recently added album.

3)After removing all newer songs, the Fuse does not play ANY song, and seems to go towards ends of albums as if shuffling. It is always stuck on pause.

If someone could help me figure out how I screwed this thing up I would really appreciate it. Thanks and have nice day.

Are you loadiing it by using a Mac computer?

Its a toshiba, and if it helps I am using Windows Media player.

Assuming you have copies of all your music on your pc and you are not using protected music, then format the player using the player’s menu(settings, system settings, format). This will delete all the files on the player.

If there is a card in the player, delete all the songs on it.Set the usb mode on the player to msc(settings, system settings, msc). Connect the player to the pc. Use Windows Explorer( right Click on start, click on explore) to copy and paste songs or folders of songs to the player. start Windows media player without your Fuze connected. Make sure it is not set to sync with your player automatically. Imo you should never sync your player and only copy and paste or delete files from it using windows Explorer(assuming there are no protected files). If you have protected files, then you should set the player usb mode to MTP  and use Windows Media player to copy them manually to the player). imo one should never sync.