What is wrong with my sansa MP3 player

I was updating a play list after syncing albums from my PC. The process stopped before syncing was finished. When I unplugged the player it is frozen on the ‘writing’ screen. I can’t turn it off or otherwise do anything to the player. When I plug it back into the computer I get a message that windows doesn’t recognize the device. What is going on and what do i do to resove the situation?

Thanks for any and all comments.


It is a SanDisk

You may have added something with a tag that is making the Fuze crazy. Or a bad file.

Have you tried forcing the MSC connection?

Slide down the power switch to Hold, revealing an orange dot.

Connect the cord to the computer. Open Windows Explorer (My Computer or Computer).

Hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the cord to the Fuze. See if it pops up in Windows Explorer.

Thanx for the fix. I didn’t need to use it because it all seemed to resolve itself:

After the battery wore down (overnight) I re-charged the player this morning on my wall outlet sub-port and everything is alright. When I connected player to the computer everything was fine and I got no messages. I will try downloading the playlist again when I get home from work . I don’t have time now. But I do have one question. How do I add albums to the player’s playlist without syncing the entire playlist from the computer?   What I did last night was add them to the same playlist on my computer first and then I tried to sync the computer’s list to the player, figuring it would overwrite what was on the player. Is there an easier way to add albums to the player’s  ‘already existing’ play list? Maybe the way I did it last night was what caused the problem I wrote about. Hope I am making some sense here.


Ah, I didn’t realize it was still on.

If it gets stuck again, you probably don’t have to wait for the battery to run down if you hold up the power button for 15-30 seconds. That’s called a soft reset.

As for playlists, I don’t use them, but you shouldn’'t have to move the songs around each time–just fiddle with the list.

You can Google “Go List” for adding songs from the player while playing. 

Or instead of doing a heavy duty sync you could use a playlist editor, like the one here:


If you don’t get any other responses here, you might start a thread with playlists in the subject line, or do some searching.