songs skipping - sansa clip


I own sansa clip(the little black one) 8 GB. I bought SD card with 16MB and since i put it inside, problems began…

At first the device couldn’t read it buy after few attempts it was okay. in the last week, i don’t if the SD card(the card is original Sandisk) is the cause, suddenly when i press forward to move to the next song, some songs are skipping!

I don’w hear the beginning of the song or something, just see the name of the song for a fraction and it rapidly moves to the next song. if i press backwards to the previous song, it is skipping again.

What sould i do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What kind of files are they (.mp3, .flac, .wma, etc.)?

They must be hidden files. :stuck_out_tongue:

up to now they were just fine. what shuold i do?? i feel like i am back to stone age with skipping CD’s!!!

@ro1 wrote:

what shuold i do??

You could start by answering my question. The ‘hidden files’ comment was in reference to your blank post. That’s generally the preferred method of communication, not changing the Subject line. :wink:

I have changed it back to the original, to help anyone else who might be following this thread now, or in the future.

Here’s another question . . . Are you using a Mac by any chance? Macs will insert little “Finder” files with the same file name but are empty. While your Mac needs these, they cause headaches for your non-Apple device. When your player encounters these and there is nothing in them, obviously it will skip over them.

Another tip: The Search function here works very well (as long as nobody messes around with the Subject line in the middle of a thread. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink):

If you click on the link, you will see this issue has been discussed many times and has many causes; headphones, file format, Mac usage, bit-rate, bad rip, and so on. I’d suggest looking through the results and see if any of them might apply to your situation.

You could also do a little experimentation. These files you’re having trouble with are on an SD card, right? What if you remove the card and place these same files in the player’s internal memory? Do they still skip? You could also try formatting the card and/or the player. What is the bit-rate of the files? Seems to me someone recently posted a similar problem and it ended up being due to the bit-rate being too low.

Look through the Search results I linked to and see if any apply. Otherwise, post back (in the message body please) and let us know what you have tried and/or discovered. :smiley:

You are tough:wink:

Did not guess answering in the subject line is wrong…

I am not using Mac; the files are Mp3 format; and the songs that skipping are not from the Sd card, they on the internal memory.

I will search for the issue


And are the “missing” songs in a format that the player will play, e.g. non-DRM music?