My Songs are skipping?

I recently bought the ssnsa clip and i am having trouble w/ the songs skipping once transfered to the clip…but not on my PC?

How can this be fixed?

what are the file types and bit rates of your songs?

I have the same ‘skipping’ problem with my recently purchased (today, Christmas 2007) Clip.  In other words, the music skips in and out while the counter continues to move at the regular interval/rate.  It sounds like a scratched CD when this occurs.  My observation is that the ‘skipping’ stops when the volume is decreased.  Not sure if there is a true relationship (cause/effect), but that’s what I’ve noticed. 

I used MS Media Player (v10), having file format of WMA, to rip the songs/files. 

What’s the story?  Help a brutha out!

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Try ripping your music to MP3 next time, it works better with MP3 files, I think.  As for your WMA, please list the bitrates and sample rates for better analysis.  I usually play with mp3 files so not sure about wma too much.

Mine skips to. Like a scratch record.  Small skips.  All the songs play fine in my creative zen.  Is there a fix?  If not, this will be the last Sandisk I buy.    :angry:


I have sometimes found that re-ripping the music fixes this, when it rarely occurs to me.

Try this:

1.) Make sure the headphone jack is ALL the way in. It’s easy to get it part way out and this lead to dropouts

2.) Fully charge the battery, I believe this has been reported to help

3.) Update the firmware - check the Settings / Information menu for your version and if it’s not .18, search for forum for how to update it and/or install and use the Sansa Firmware Updater utility.

And please tell us what version the FW is, when you check it