Songs in Sansa isn't showing up under the correct artist

At first, when I noticed some of my songs were missing, I thought that I hadn’t added them properly.  However, I later realized it was because some of the songs went under the artists such as [unknown artist], etc.  I tried changing the artist name via the computer (I connect sansa to computer using MSC mode), and it all seemed to look fine on the computer.  However, when I looked back on my sansa, I realized nothing had changed at all.  I checked again on the computer, but it was fine.  I realize this isn’t that big of a deal, but I just like browsing my songs by artist, and it just gets really annoying when you have songs scattered all over the place.


Try to edit you ID3 tags. If you use media player 11 you can right click the song in media player and select advanced tag editor.

I have the same issue and the ID3 tags are correct.  I have formatted both internal and external memory, stopped auto syncing (which was generating errors when both internal and external were trying to sync at the same time) and this time I only have one unknown song.  So I’m still wondering.

Have you made sure that your firmware is fully up to date?
If it is, make sure your ID3 Tags are all fine. Check out MediaMonkey if you have any doubts.