songs deleted but titles remain

I have an e series sansa player. On the menu, many titles that have been deleted remain listed on the menu on the player. I have attempted to reformat the player in the hope that would solve the problem, but the formatting directions I got from the Sansa web site don’t seem to work on my player.

For example, directions say select Settings on the player, then select format. That option is not on my menu.

Mainly, I use the player to store and replay podcasts, not music.


The Format function in the SETTINGS menu is only on the v2 model and the User’s Guide doesn’t differentiate between the two. If you have a v1 that would explain why it’s not there.

If indeed you have a v1 model, you can connect in MSC mode, make sure Windows is set to show hidden files & folders, and find the SYSTEM folder. Inside of this will be a DATA folder. Highlight this folder and delete it. This is where your player’s database is stored.

When you un-plug from the computer, and the player ‘refreshes database’ it will build an entirely new one of the current content on the player (and memory card, if inserted) rather than just appending the existing one. Your deleted song titles should now be gone.

Happened to me before. Just format it. Right-click on the hard drive of the device, click format and follow the instructions.