Song order out of whack

Sorry if this has been addressed, but after the first time I used “play all”,  everytime I play an album, the song order is wrong.  I have the 2gb player and like it alot. 

Thanks rugbird

The Fuze Sorts alphabetically.

That’s alphabetical by song title, not by Artist or Album and numbers preceed letters, meaning if you have any songs with a number as the 1st word in the title these will be ahead of the A’s, B’s, C’s, etc.

And of course, it also depends on whether you have the ‘Shuffle’ feature engaged or not.

Thanks I have a  2gb clip.  Dont see why a player would resort an album song list alphabetically.  Im pretty sure all my album’s songs have track numbers.  It used to play them in order but now it doesn’t.  Sorry again if Im in the wrong subject thing.  Ill make sure I have shuffle off.  I thought I did.

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Shooot!  I think I had the shuffle on.  Never mind.

Thanks responders. (embarrassed smiley)