Album not playing in sequential order - Please help!!

I just bought the Fuze+ and loaded some albums the first few worked fine but i have now loaded one that for some reason plays in this order (it has 34 tracks on the music album):


When I look at the properties on my computer, the tracks show up correctly. What can I do??

34 tracks sounds like a compilation album. When you double click on the album in your music folder - does the number which starts the track name correspond to the number under the hash synmbol and have you only got one track beginning with each number, as below?

Name                                    Artists        Album                   #       Genre

01 Sweet Little Angel…        BB King     Rock Me Baby     1        Blues

02 Early Every Morning…     BB King     Rock Me Baby      2       Blues


 If it is a compilation album, the tracks may have retained their number from their original albums so you will have several tracks starting with the same number. You can rename the tracks to start with your prefered number. If it was me, I would do this editing on my computer then recopy the album onto the Fuze rather than edit the tracks on the Fuze,  just to be on the safe side.