song list - deleating song

I’ve had to reformat my laptop, I’ve reloaded the disc that came with the unit but none of the song that were placed on the unit prior to the reformat show up when I plug in to the PC. Song that I’ve downloaded after the reformat do appear. The unit’s memory is full and I need to clear out some old files. I have tried switching modes in the usb setting, no change. Which one should I be using.

probably becuase your computer isnt detecting it properly in MTP mode. you can eithier troubleshoot it to have it detected right in mtp mode, or you can jsut re-format the player and reload your stuff so you can see it all.

you might not have all your music saved on your laptop to reload it, so you might want to troubleshoot it. Connect it in mtp mode and check device manager for a ? or a !..?

if you have wmp9 then upgrade to 10 or 11.


How do I erase the entire music content of my m240? I have 21 songs and only ONE gives any audio. I’ve tried deleting via the original PC that I loaded this stuff from and that doesn’t work. I tried online, loading the contents onto my work PC and deleting…nothing. The one song that does work is stuck on repeat even though I have “repeat” listed as off. I want to start all over. HELP!!!

if you just want to start over and reload your music then reformatting is your best bet. You can connect the playe rin msc mod eand right-click on it, selecting format from the drop down menu.

Once this is done you can start to reload your tunes, if it doesnt let you format for whatever reason… then theres a problem and you should try to format it on another computer, if the results are still the same then e-mail sandisk letting them know your results.