Something very wrong with my 32 GB SDHC (I'm from the UK)

I got this card as a free gift with a new contract from phones4u, but there was a fault with the phone so I sent it back after speaking to a customer advisor who said they were sorry for the fault and just to keep the memory card as an apology, which I thought was quite nice. Thing is though I didn’t get another contract as I was going travelling and didn’t have time to wait for a replacement phone so I cancelled the contract, but still had the card.

Now a few weeks later I opened the card up and tried it with a usb micro card adapter, computer didn’t register it. I then tried it on my Nokia N8 and it registered, though it said it was corrupt. I then formatted it and it said 29 MB in use, 2 MB available , This puzzled me and I tried reformatting it again only to get the same result.

I then tried looking online to sort this out, and then when I picked up my phone a while later it was warmer than usual. I took out the memory card and the connector points were very hot to touch.

Would Sandisk be willing to exchange this card if I got in touch with them and explained? Though I don’t have a receipt of purchase due to it being a free gift that came with the new phone contract which had a fault itself and was sent back. Though they said I could keep the card, I don’t think they would send out a new one for some reason.