SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!! {MY MP3 wont let me put on music or take any off...why??}

my MP3 player will not let me load any music onto it and it wont let me take any away and everytime i start it up it says…“NoSpaceForDB Please Delete more then 4. 0MB”…someone PLZZ HELP MEE!!

Lol, stop freaking out (hopefully) its not that serious…

What player do you even have? we would need more details on your part. Firmware version through the menu if you can get to it as well.

I jus started lookin 4 it and i found it…its either the 

Sansa® c150  MP3 Player 2GB                 OR             

Sansa® c140  MP3 Player 1GB


I think its the 1gb 1 though…

I am having the same issue as this person. What did you do to resolve it. “Need to delete 4.0…”

Did you ever get this issue resolved? i am having the same problem and don’t know what to do.

srrt… like i was saying i had installed a new version of windows media player… if i dud i shud indo it! hey ! my sansa e250r wont let me add and vids… do u know y?? thnx