Some Question about fuze

Hi every one

I am New member in this forum.

I just received my Sansa fuze 4G and 8G micro SD from Sandisk.

I try to add photo in my 8G micro SD I see it create 2 folder

1 is the folder name SNOW that is the folder formmy picture, but I see another folder nam THUMBNAIL in this folder it has 1 more folder name SNOW, I dont know  what wrong, if some one has been use Sansa fuze please help me.

one more help in photo section it has Photo Go List

How to use that, I mean how tho make photo go list

Thank you for your help

Thumbnail will actually be a small photo of all the photos.  So if you put 2 on there, you can see both photos in thumbnail format.  If you have more, it looks like 12.  I have 11 in a folder and there’s space for one more.  This way you can choose one to view if you’re not sure, instead of going through 10 photos to find the 11th… turn the scroll bar to go from photo to photo in thumbnail.

Photo go list, same as music.  View the photo in full view, press the bottom of the scroll button, scroll down to add to go list.  When you “play” this, You will see the list of photos but it will scroll through all of them.

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Just to add to what the kind responder has told you, your Fuze has a ‘hold to add’ feature.   So if you are looking at a pic that you really like, and would want to get to it quickly, press and hold the center button on the Fuze.   It will automaticly add that pic to your ‘Go To’ list.    You can turn that option off, in settings, so if you dont like it you can stop it from doing so.