Some music sounds incomplete

Some of the several songs I placed on my Sansa Clip 1gb seem to be missing some instruments or some vocals. These are songs I have listened to all my life so I easily notice when some thing isnt right. All the songs play perfectly from the Windows Media 11 player. My question is what is usually at fault when files dont copy perfectly from the cd rom to the mp3 player? Is it the cd rom, the mp3 or even something else? I have an eight year old pc but I have applied all the patches etc. regarding the cd-rw. What gives?

First of all, make sure that the headphone plug is completely inserted. If they are not fully inserted, you may be listening to only one audio channel (the left one, if I’m not wrong). Other people have noticed that the jack may be a little hard to press, almost to the point of feeling (to them) like breaking the unit. Look here.

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And you also may want to make sure that the equalizer somehow didn’t get turned on and set.  I hope it’s something that simple.

What bit rate are you ripping your CDs at? Mp3 format is a “lossy” reproduction, meaning that some of the sound quality is naturally going to go bye-bye, and the lower your ripping bit rate is the worse it’s going to be. A lot of people fuss & fret over the decision, “Do I want high sound quality or to be able to fit a lot of songs on my device?” It’s always a trade-off. You just can’t have it both ways. So most people elect to go somewhere down the middle of the road. I. personally have music ripped at anywhere from 160 kbps up to 450 kbps. A lot of people think that’s wasteful and rip theirs at 128 kbps (or lower). When you see an advertised “Player holds 1000 songs” or some such claim, they are referring to 128 kbps and songs that are less than 3 minutes in length.

Compare all this to Windows Media Player’s .wma format. You can record “lossless” at up to 940 kbps. That’s quite a difference in file size and number of songs you could fit in a given space. And, of course different people have different levels of hearing and that only gets worse as we get older.

So you have to ask yourself, “How much of my music do I want to hear?”

Ah HA, that fixed it. The head phone jack seems a bit sensitive. When I insert it all the way it does’nt work right. But if I then back it off just ever so slightly it works perfectly. I’m glad I asked and would like to thank everybody who responded to my message. Thanks…

The headphone jack is the Achille’s Heel (weaknees) of the Sansas. Your player’s “sensitivity” may just be an annoyance now, but it will only get worse with time. You create stress on this everytime you plug or un-plug your phones. Sooner or later, it’s going to give out. And while a few people have had success repairing the headphone jack on the e200 series, your Clip doesn’t easily come apart like those do. If this is a fairly new player, I’d think seriously about returning it for another one.