Some MP3 songs won't play on Fuze but play fine when I use the computer media player

I have an 8GB Fuze with an 8GB expansion card and I downloaded the latest firmware ( I believe it’s 2.3 something), but sometimes when I play it some Mp3s just make a weird, quick high-pitched sound then go on to the next. When I have the Fuze plugged into my computer the song plays just fine. What could be the trouble? Usually, I simply delete the song from the Fuze and reload it from my computer music file, or if that doesn’t work I use an app like Super from E-rightsoft to redo the song. One song just won’t work, though. Is it my Fuze or my computer? I downloaded it from, which is a free, legal site to download new music, and it’s just this one song.

If you don’t reset after firmware update you can get songs playing with a stuttering.  You need to do a hard-reset from your settings area, then the songs should play properly.

The Fuze normally does a hard reset after firmware update. That sounds more like the MP3 tags need to be checked.

Pikidalto, I had the problem.  I firmware updated and then my songs for clipping when the volume was too high or they’d stutter after a few seconds of play.  Did a reset and it worked fine after.

Thank you for your advice! I take it a “soft reset” is using the side on/off switch, but a “hard” reset using the system settings? Is that re-formatting? Sorry for my ignorance. Also, it only seems to be that one song, and the others play fine. It’s not a “stutter”, actually—more like a high-pitched scatching noise, then immediately goes to the next song. I’m going to do what I probably should have done in the first place, and consult my user manual. I don’t think it addresses this issue, but it might. Again, thanks. I’ll see if any of this works.

I think it sounds more like corruption since it’s just that 1 song that’s affected. I’d try downloading it again.

Squeaks, pops, and other garbled sounds at the beginning of a track are a sign of an ID3 parsing issue.  The ID3 tag or embedded image are being played back as audio.  Run the file through MP3Tag and set the output to ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 for your tag.

If you have a big jpg image in there, this can also cause issues.  Look for something around 300 x 300.  MP3Tag can fix this as well.


Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate your kindness, but the problem was solved by re-doing the song at a slightly lower bitrate—160 instead of 192. Weird, since 192 is well within the range of MP3 on the Fuze. It could have been a corruption of the original file or a tag issue, I guess. I’m not a tech person. Again, thank you all so much!