MP3 songs don't play completely

A number of songs won’t play completely on my 8 GB Fuze.  They’ll stop partway through, sometimes with a “squeak” or “chirp” noise and then the next song in the list will play.  I’ve tried playing the same file in Windows Media Player and they play fine.  It’s only on the Fuze that they don’t work.

Any idea what the problem is and what I might be able to do about it?

Is your firmware (on the Fuze) up to date?

Perhaps the firmware is damaged? Try re-intalling it. If that doesn’t work, perhaps the filing system is messed up. That can be fixed by re-formating the Fuze (I hope you have a backup handy).

Okay, here’s what I’ve done.

I reformatted the internal memory.  Unplugged from the computer to let the Fuze refresh its data base (which apparently includes rebuilding the folder tree). Installed the latest firmware.  Unplugged again.  Formatted the mini-SD card.  Unplugged again.  Then copied over all the music from hard disk.

We’ll see if this works.