[solved] Launchpad Remover not doing anything

I’ve tried runnning the launchpad removal tool using both methods:

  1. from within the launchpad settings menu

  2. using the dedicated download linked to in the sticky

However, the program doesn’t do anything. I can verify that the program is running in task manager, but it’s not using any CPU resources, and I have not seen any notification messages or other prompts. It just sits there in memory not doing anything. It’s configured as a safe file in Comodo Defense+, though I admit I’m not entirely sure how the firewall software functions. I’ve disabled avast and my spyware tool as well.

Any help?

Windows 7 64b


I have a second cruzer plugged in as well, but it’s already been wiped and is now being used for readyboost. Could the two drives be conflicting with each other?

I went ahead and used a another computer to remove launchpad, and it worked OK on that one. Problem solved.