Launchpad Fails to Start on one machine

I have an cruzer with U3 and is password protected.  It opens fine on all machines but on one it says failed to initialize and launchpad crashes.  The computer had a virus and was removed but somehow it corrupted U3 launchpad on the machine.  It doesn’t show in add/remove programs and don’t know why it won’t start when it does on all other machines and used to on this one.  Any ideas on how to fix it?  Is there a way to manually remove anything that my have been installed on machine or registry keys that could be causing this.

If the machine is infected try a Windows PE system to clean it.  Look for it will allow you to create a CD with many utilities for removing viruses.

I shouldn’t even have mentioned that but I thought you would have seen that the machine is clean now.  The real issue is, I have the u3 drives.  All of them used to work on this machine and now they don’t.  They work on other machines fine.  When you run launchpad on this particular machine it says error starting launchpad and closes.  Any suggestions on how to fix it

You could try to do a Repair Install of Windows.  And check your AV and AS logs and see if they are interferring with the app.

when launchpad runs it says “one of the components failed to start”

“it”?  What is issuing the msg?  What is the title of the window in which the msg appears?

It = Launchpad

Helo,same thing here it says “One of the components failed to start”.How could this be?I really need help.