Error during Launchpad removal - drive corrupted

Hi All,

I recenty tried to remove the Launchpad tool from my 8GB Cruzer Micro and an error appeared during the removal process.

My drive is now unusable. An icon for the drive appears in My Computer when the drive is inserted however if I select the drive or try to Right-Click the icon My Computer stops responding.

Running TestDisk the device is detected however when I analyse the drive I get a number of warnings:

Warning: Incorrect number of heads/cylinder 8 (FAT) != 255 (HD)

Warning: Incorrect number of sectors per track 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)

Warning: Bad ending cylinder (CHS and LBA don’t match)

No partition is bootable

How can I fix this issue? Luckily I backed up my data before I attemped to remove the Launchpad tool. But not I have an 8GB drive that is unusable.

Perhaps if someone could run TestDisk over a working 8BG (SDCZ6-8192RB) I could rebuild the partitions??

Any advice would be appreciated.

use disk management and see if what it says about the drive. if it says unpartitioned right click it and see if you can recreate the partition. if that works format it and that should fix the issue.  

I formatted my 8G Cruzer Contour once about a month ago. Prior to that, never formatted.

Recently, there was an error message which I regret not remembering before seeking help from a fellow IT colleague. He managed to format and did a partition. When I plug in the device, 2 windows pop up.

After that, I am unable to save anything into the device. It simply doesn’t respond. In fact, anything I do, it doesn’t respond. The taskbar disappears; my desktop is empty. I had to reboot the PC. So far I have tried on a laptop operating in Windows Pro and a PC in Windows XP Home, and both had the same result.

I tried the disk management formatting way and even used a HP format tool but the error message I received was ‘Device media is write-protected’.

How can this be solved?

Does the write-protected error happen on both partitions on the USB stick?