Software update

Is there any software update for my mp3player? I suppose it is a sansa clip+ I have.

Maybe. When you confirm exactly what player you have, you can find all the latest firmware versions in the Firmware Thread here on the forum.

Hi buddy, I just want to share my rule of thumb. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. I mean only make changes with it if it’s broken or if there’s a feature that you’re looking for. Else, just leave it as it is. I hope this helps you. 

I just got onto this site because my m230 is not getting recognized by my computer. NO, it’s not any issues with cable, pc, windows version or ANY OTHER problem outside my m230. I read one firmware response by a supposed sandisk guru that was at best condescending and just a tad rude. Here’s my situation and I expect pretty much the same treatment. I have tried the driver restore, download, update, refresh games. I have spent nearly three hours or more screwing around with software and firmware fixes. The firmware fix on this site nearly crashed my computer. I installed the m200 firmware, at the end of the download, I was instucted to click the hold button to the right (lock) position in a dialog box and the only option was “EXIT”. I did this, I was asked if I was sure I wanted to exit the installer, I clicked “NO”, and was kicked back to the same dialog box with the “EXIT”. So I exited and was asked the same previous question again. I clicked yes. Then I got a window saying my download wasn’t performed successfully, When I tried it again, I got a repeated “not enough memory to perform this operation” dialog box with an “OK” button, which bombarded my screen with more than 50 of these boxes before I was able to get out. SO, what kind of crap is this? Like others have mentioned, It shouldn’t be that friggin hard to plug in a portable USB device and download or delete music files. The driver restores don’t even have the m230 in their lists.

The m200 series is a very, very old player and no longer supported by SanDisk. Couple that with the fact that there were actually 4 (I believe) hardware versions and subsequent firmware downloads has resulted in none of them even being posted here on the forum.

I’m not trying to sound condescending and I too, am a firm believer in just because something is old doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t be used, but I’m afraid you’ve run into a situation where it would be better to responsibly recycle it and buy a more modern player.