SanDisk m230 Screen Freezes; Firmware Doesn't Help

I recently installed the Sansa Updater For SanDisk MP3 Players version 1.082 firmware for my SanDisk m230 and it worked.  Today whenever I turned the player on though, it went through the welcome screens and then froze on “finalizing data” or something like that (and it wasn’t plugged in).  So I then downloaded the Firmware Upgrade Program  It’ll almost finish installing and then it asks me to push the hold button to the right while the mp3 player is plugged in…and nothing happens.  It doesn’t finish installing because the program doesn’t acknowledge that the player has the hold button on and my computer doesn’t show that the player is hooked up anymore.  And another thing, when I click on the Sansa Updater, it says “Sansa Updater can only be launched by Sansa Service”.  WHAT’S GOING ON?! 

I had this player for a while and the whole reason I even installed the firmware was because my computer didn’t acknowledge that my player was plugged in, so I couldn’t put any music on it or delete any. 

PLEEEEAAAAASSSEEE can SOMEONE help me?!  My player still doesn’t work and I have the feeling that noone knows what to do.  I don’t care if someone says “you’re screwed”, someone please just tell me something, anything!  Sorry if I sound impatient, but my player was able to play before I used the firmware, so basically the firmware ruined my player.  And it seems that all the other posts have timely responses…emphasis on “it seems”.  But hopefully while I wait someone is thinking of a solution.   

Question do you leave your mp3 chargeing overnight or for exrta long time periods because if you do, then thats your problem, you only need to charge it until its fully charged leaving it for insane amounts of times screws it up, dont worry it fine (the mp3) just next time you charge it check in on it  every so often

Thanks for coming to Renee’s aid. I’m sure since she’s such a patient soul she is still waiting for a response to her post even after 1 year & 3 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you check her profile, you’ll see she hasn’t been back since, at least not logged in anyway. She probably would have received numerous replies and certainly an answer to her question had she only posted in the m200 series forum.

Thanks again for your contribution, but just a tip . . . check the date on the posts before you respond to them. It does no good to dredge up something from the ‘dark ages’ if the person you are replying to will never see it, or has likely either solved their problem or moved on. :wink: