Sandisk sansa m230 Initialize fail

Hi, I have a Sandisk sansa M230 and the software updater found new firmware for my device. As soon as I installed the firmware update, the software told me to remove the usb connection and restart the device. Now it is telling me Initialize fail on the screen and not being detected by windows. Any help with solving this problem. I do not know why this software updater has ruined my mp3 player which was working fine till yesterday.

it seems to me like there is no support whatsoever from sandisk regarding these firmware flaws. It is very unfair for us buyers of sandisk products to just have to dump our products after having thrusted sandisk, which I thought was a good product. Why should the updater ask me to update a firmware and then ruin my mp3 player, at least before it was being detected and played, now it is unusable, just because of a firmware update. I hope that sandisk will do something to fix our problems.

update to this thread. I have managed to connect to usb mode and managed to fix the problem. A bit hactic to reprogram but ok.


My 4 Gbyte san disc with over 500 pics , when tried to put in the computer after removing  got a response"initialize. Please help.