SMC won't recognize my E260R

I cannot get the media converter to see my E260R…it keeps saying “no available player” and “please connect your player”. I’ve tried turning on the 260 after firing up the converter and the other way around, but it won’t recognize it. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the converter.

I thought I’d just try to convert the video files anyway and copy them over manually, but when I try to add them, the converter immediately shuts down with an error…I’m assuming this has to do with its failure to recognize the player, but that’s just a guess.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you all might have.

Thanks in advance.

I am haveing the same problem, can i get some help here

you can uninstall it and then remove it from the registry ( call SanDisk for step by step details, as it can get confusing.) I have seen this work more often then not when using the “Arcsoft” version of the SMC. Perhaps sandisk is still sending out copies of the “Intervideo” version of SMC.

I have the same problem

i have reset my Sansa once

after that, my computer won’t recognize it in MTP mode

and the converter won’t recognize it

also, the converter i have is not from the CD, it’s from a site b/c Sansa won’t send more Cds

whats the link you got SMC from? You can still use SMC in MSC mode, so not being detected in MTP is only a problem if you want to use playlist or subscription music.

What do you mean by “reset my sansa”, this can mean different things to a few people. Did you literally go to settings on the player and reset all? That should not affect your computers ability to recognize the player in a mode. The player is still the same, just default settings instead (backlight and stuff like that are the settings it changes back to default)

Thanks…I had the ArcSoft version, so I did a Google search on Intervideo Sansa Media Converter and found a link to download a copy…it works like a charm now.

Thanks again.


I installed SMC from the original CD.  It sees my Sansa e260R but reports 0 MB Free, which is not the case.  Downloaded the latest version 1.0 B004.212CDG from SanDisk and still no good.  It fails to convert a simple JPEG.  Both versions are from InterVideo.

Any suggestions?

Update…Launched SMC without the player connected.  Opened my project and THEN I connected my Sansa.  Viola!!  :dizzy_face:  Not exactly how I would expect it to work, but…it does.

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glad to hear you got it working

also i have put jpegs on my e260 in MSC without conversion and my player will show them
there small 640x480 i haven’t tried bigger ones yet.
they do need to be rotated so it shows them full size

edit:  big pix work w/o conversion too!

they still need to be rotated to display right and could take up less space if smaller

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