converter wont detect sansa?

i have a sansa e260 4gb and its in MSC mode and when i log onto the arc soft version sansa media converter it says

no available player please connect your player

i know i have it plugged up though

The arc soft version is pretty old, you may want to update the SMC by going to this link:

Then give it a try again. If it still fails to show up in the SMC program, verify that the player shows up in other software (not windows explorer) something like Windows Media Player

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I have the same problem , i just recently bought  a sansa e250 v2 and the sansa media converter won’t detect it…

what should i do???

The old Sansa Media Converter won’t recognize Ver. 2 and other new players. Please download the latest version and it should show you connected. Also, the two conversion programs are incompatible and files converted with the first cannot be converted by the second. Why? Who knows?

The InterVideo version of the Sansa Media Converter works great. Be sure to download the newest version, as the 4.220 build was not happy with the Fuze. The latest and greatest is 4.236 I believe.

Sorry the SanDisk links are broken at the moment for the 4.236, search in the e200 or Fuze forums, as there’s a replacement link that’s working. I’ll address the other one during the week.

Never mind, I’m revved up on a fresh coffee!!  Here you go!  SMC 4.236 a la SanDisk. Get it while it’s still warm and soft.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

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i bought my sansa e250 v2 and it shows that i have plugged it in to the computer but on the media converter it just says no available player please connect player

and its annoying and its a shame that i don’t have any videos on the sansa e250 v2!!!

but if anyone has a soloution please contact me as soon as possible


lol no videos 

SMC alternatives. Designed mainly for the Fuze, but might work on your e250v2 as well.