smc wont finish download to sansa view

ok i have a sansa view and i tryed to send some videos to it but it wont finish the download.  it will get about half way then just stop.  any way to fix this???

My advice is Don’t use the SMC converter for converting/transferring video.  It crashes often and is agonizingly slow.

Also, even though the Sansa View supports MP4 files, you will need to use Format Factory (or other suitable converters - but Format Factory is free, easy to use, and works pretty well) to convert your video files (if not already in MP4 format) into MP4 files with specs that the player can use (you can’t just copy any MP4 files).  Then copy the MP4 video files over to the “Video” folder in the Sansa View using (and within) Windows Explorer, but your player USB setting will need to be in the MSC mode.


This is what has worked for me and my 16GB View...


I downloaded and installed Format Factory at the following link:


After installing Format Factory, here’s what I did to transfer video onto the View:


1. Go to the [View] player’s Settings menu and under the “USB Mode” menu set the player to MSC mode.  This will set the player to be recognized by Windows Explorer as a USB storage device; the player will show up as a new drive listed as “Sansa”, or the micro SD expansion card as another drive as “Expansion: x”, with x being the logical drive letter assigned by Windows.


2. Install and use the Format Factory software to convert your video files into MP4 files as follows:


3. Select and use the “Mobile Device\PSP\Phone” tool (on the left hand side).


4. Select “All to Compatible MP4” tool.  A new window will pop up.


5. Click “Add File”.  Then find and add the appropriate video file(s) you want to convert, and click “Open”.  You can select and add more than one file to convert – the program can perform batch conversions.  You will see the file(s) added into the file window to the left.


6. Click “Output Setting” (do not click “OK” yet since you will need to set the conversion settings for the appropriate converted video specs in order for the file to be played on the Sansa).

In the Profile dialog box (upper left) select and click “Custom”.


7. Check to make sure of the following settings; change if needed by clicking on the appropriate Setting Value boxes (a drop-down menu arrow will appear and will give you various choices) and change the settings for the following:

Video Size = 368 x 208 for widescreen format, or 352 x 240 for Standard (TV) format.  If your video looks squished or stretched, try other settings

FPS = 30

Bitrate = 384

Video Encode = MPEG4

Keep Aspect = NO (make sure this is set to NO.  Otherwise, you’ll get a squished video display)

Audio Sample Rate = 44100

Bitrate = 128


8. Click “OK”


9. Click the "Start" button on the tool bar up above.  It takes about 35 to 45 minutes to convert a full-length Hollywood movie.


10. After the video has finished converting, the program will place the MP4 video file in a folder named "FFOutput" in the “My Document” folder of your PC.


11. Connect the Sansa player to your PC using the USB connector.


12. Click the “My Documents” icon on your PC.


13. Go to the FFOutput folder, find the appropriate MP4 file, and copy the file to the Sansa player in the "Video" folder, or the Sansa’s expansion card (but first make sure you create a “VIDEO” folder on the expansion card).


14. When you disconnect the View from your PC, let the player refresh its database.  This may take a few seconds to a minute or two depending on how much contents you've just transferred.


15. Then go to the video section, watch, and enjoy.


Good luck!